Hello! My name’s Chris Henton and I’m an architectural illustrator from Scotland, currently living in East London.

This year, I've sharpened my pencils and thrown myself into illustrating full time. My aim is to share my passion for bringing architectural objects to life through intricate graphite drawings and to encourage people to take a second look at their surroundings.

Using a combination of pen and pencil, I create proportionally accurate and highly detailed drawings of buildings and monuments. I especially focus on light and shadow to bring architecture to life and add character to my illustrations.

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My work has been shaped by studying history at university combined with my love of travel and architecture. I'm always spotting architectural features when I'm out and about as well as trying to learn a bit about the stories behind buildings.

I’m open to all types of architectural illustrations, specialising in drawings of houses, pubs, churches and landmarks.

If it’s got four walls, I’ll probably want to draw it…

Please feel free to get in touch regarding, prints, commissions, collaborations or with any other questions!

All inquires please email: info@ch-illustrations.co.uk

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